What Causes Addiction?

Of all topics related to substance abuse, perhaps few are more hotly debated than what actually creates an addiction so powerful that drug rehab or other treatment is required to overcome it. For while drugs themselves contain powerful addictive substances, there are other root causes that can cause individuals in San Diego and elsewhere to be more likely to develop an addiction.

Many of the underlying causes that can create an addiction are linked to other mental or physical issues. For example, chronic pain, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, ADHD, and anxiety and depression have all been cited as factors that contribute to an individual’s addiction. One notable TED talk has even attributed social isolation as one of the chief underlying causes of addiction.

When individuals who already experience such conditions begin experimenting with potentially addictive substances, the risk of developing a substance abuse disorder greatly increases. And for many, the mental, emotional and physical dependency that is created in these situations becomes too much to beat on their own.

At Miramar Recovery Centers, we focus on not only treating dependence to a particular substance, but also on the underlying causes that so often fuel these dangerous behaviors. Our unique form of drug rehab can help individuals from San Diego to the East Coast as they strive to put their addictions behind them and start anew.


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