What is Negative ‘self talk’?

The habit of alcohol or drug addiction mainly affects the people who are unhappy with oneself or with the environment around. The unhappiness may be, due to not performing to the potential that one is capable of. This situation tends to the development of the habit of self talking. Here, a person talks with oneself about issues related to one’s performance in one’s normal life.
The problem actually begins when the self centered talk takes a negative approach. The person becomes a figure of no worth in one’s own eyes and this consequently leads to tension. This is generally self imposed scrutiny and is filled up with the feeling of being less competent or inferior to others. The person is a non performer as one feels about oneself.  The person starts talking with oneself and usually throws tantrums after observing one’s own performance. The case becomes more severe when the person starts scolding oneself and self beating of being no worth. The patient totally lacks self esteem at this juncture. Due to this, the tension and stress surfaces up and results in the addiction to drugs and alcohol.
The situation can however be controlled by employing the services of a good drug rehab program as carried out by any drug rehab centre. The drug or alcohol rehab center access the main reason that led to the growth of the problem. In the case, if the reason owes to negative self talk for the patient’s ill condition, psychologists are the therapists who take the case as the issue is totally related to the mental complexities and psyche. The patient interacts with the patient and tries to know what the patient thinks of oneself. The patient describes himself negatively and disowns one’s worth.
After knowing the reason, the therapists in drug or alcohol rehab center start the treatment session. The treatment is generally aimed at recognizing and redirecting the patient’s mind away from the negative self talk. This is done by reminding the patient of one’s hidden potential by engaging the patient in constructive and meaningful activities. The patients while in drug or alcohol treatment center are also asked to write down about the communication which one underwent while alone with oneself. This helps in a number of ways. Firstly, the therapists get to know what is going on in the patient’s mind and they monitor and control the levels of treatment accordingly. Here, the therapists encourage the need to reframe the negative sentences which are part of the patient’s self negative talk. The patient is asked to turn down the negative statements to the more positive ones. Secondly, when the patient writes about the negative self talk, one gets to know how harsh one has been towards oneself. This helps in turning the tone to the softer one and ultimately stopping these from capturing the mind.
Such drugs or alcohol rehab program are very beneficial in preventing the patient from becoming mentally ill permanently. These programs provide a good atmosphere and caring and assistance where the patient regains one’s lost confidence and worth.


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