Why a Small Client Group Matters

When it comes to receiving treatment in drug rehab centers, individuals from Fresno and across the country hope to receive the best care possible so they can successfully overcome an addiction. Unfortunately, some facilities take on so many clients that it becomes difficult for addicts to receive the individualized treatment they need to be truly successful.

This is why at Miramar Recovery Centers, we focus on treating limited groups of clients at a time. This ensures that our specialists are able to better diagnose the underlying issues related to one’s addiction and subsequently treat both the physical addiction and the other problems associated with it.

Our drug rehab centers generally only treat five or six individuals at a time, which ensures that each person who enters our facility doesn’t become lost in the crowd. Rather, our specialists are able to spend significant time with each patient, both in one-on-one situations and group settings.

As such, we are able to adapt our treatment to meet each individual’s needs. Doing this allows us to better address the problems each patient is facing and provide the correct tools to overcome them. This way, when individuals return to the “real world”—be it in Fresno or anywhere else—they’ll have the tools they need to build a successful future.


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